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Located next to the Jacques -Cartier Bridge, Car Wash Bleu Blanc Rouge will be the best experience for your car. We are the best car wash in the South Shore in addition to having the best team to take care of your car. You are missing a little something to your car to be proud to drive it?


So visit us at Lave Auto Bleu Blanc Rouge and our team will be happy not only to wash but we will do refurbishment if requested. When you leave you will feel as if you had a new vehicle.

Our Team
Our dynamic team is there to ensure an extraordinary cleaning and all the care you want to receive on your car. Do not hesitate to ask what treatment would be best to make your car to your liking.
Hand Washing


Why hand wash rather than automatic car washes found in gas stations ? Because skilled and caring hands always give a better result than a machine that does not care to be proud of his work ! At the Car Wash Bleu Blanc Rouge not only you will be pampered, but you 'll be amazed by the sports decor, lively atmosphere and our diligent and friendly staff !